Schaik Dash XII




 Ron van Schaik


 medium to hard






Schaik Dash XII is another elease from Ron van Schaik, the well-known Boulder Dash-freak from the Netherlands.

As usual in his games the first cave starts with a nice concept where you have to kill some butterflies in the right moment. When
I tested the game I saw that many of his new caves include the growing-amboebia. But the caves are though very various.

Cave Nr. 3 + 11 are dangerous. You'll get killed immediately after the start when you stay at your starting-point. This is a bit tricky.

All in all Ron's new game is very nice, but also very difficult. None of the caves can be completed withouth training. It's a good game for experienced Boulder Dash-gamers, but nothing for beginners.

I like the caves Nr. 2, 8, 13 + 16.




 against all odds


 Phil Collins



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