Interview with Ron Van Schaik

1. in which year did you play boulder dash for the first
time?? what was your age in this year?

I bought a C128D in the year 1986, I was 25 years old

2. why are you fascinated from boulder dash??

Boulderdash is my favourite game because it combines
a few things: tactics, insight and it is a game of skill.

3. which boulder dash-game or clone do you prefer??

I love it when there's only one way to play the cave and
it is build in the original charset. Also I like to play
Emerald mine on the Amiga.

4. which other c64-games do you like most??

There are a lot: Wintergames, Into the eagle's nest, Mr. Do,
Krakout, Ace of aces, Beach head, Dino eggs, Supercycle,
Rock 'n bolt, Leaderboard, Goonies, Superfruit, Rolling Ronnie,
River chase, Quasimodo, Law of the west, Summergames,
Worldgames, Traffic and there are more...........

5. what were the most fascinating things or programs
for you to play or work on the c64??

I remember that a friend and me played a whole weekend
Goonies. We wanted to play till the end of the game!!!
Also that we created Boulderdash-caves for each other
with the construction kit.

6. do you still work with the c64?

Yes, although I work in the computerworld with a lot of
Unix servers for a great worldwide company, my c64 is
still working a few times a week. I find it still the most
fine computer to play with !!! I have also a fast pentium
with 3D but when I've the choice I play on my C64 !!!

7. which actual games do you prefer (2001)??

I play most of the time Boulderdash, and otherwise I play
Beach head or Ace of aces. I find it a pleasure to search
on fleemarkets for original games and diskettes for the C64.
Also it's nice when you find books, cartridges or other original
stuff. I have for example almost 700 original games on this moment.