Schaik Dash VII




 Ron van Schaik


 medium to hard






Welcome to release Nr. 7 from our wellknown friend from the Netherlands, Ron van Schaik.

Ron used the Deluxe Packer 1.40 (not the "new" version from august 2001) and included the special walking-sound. He also used the original charset.

Schaik Dash VII begins with a hard cave. There's a good mixture between random and non-random caves, but they are rather hard to complete. In some of the caves you just have to run away after beginning, otherwise you get killed by a butter- or firefly chasing you!

Cave Nr. 3 is a bit unfair. The random-effect to move and let fall a boulder must work, otherwise you get killed (indirectly, lol).

I like the caves Nr. 2, 7, 14 and 16.

On Disc B Ron released special charset-versions from his Schaick Dash-collection, as there are:

Schaik Dash IV - Cycle
Schaik Dash V - Space
Schaik Dash VI - Mrs. Rockford

Unfortunately the dirt-bug is included in all of these versions.

Schaik Dash VII is another good game from Ron van Schaik. I like all of his own-made games very much, and of course I like Schaik Dash VII.




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