Schaik Dash VI




Ron van Schaik


 medium to hard






This is the 6th release from the Boulder Dash-community member Ron van Schaik from the Netherlands. His 6th release is called Schaik Dash 6.

The first cave begins in crazy colors and in medium difficulty. Ron used the original Charset. He coded 18 new levels.

The game is damn good, once again Ron proves that he knows very well what it needs to code some good Boulder Dash caves. Most of his caves are made in crazy background colors, but I don't mind. Ron made a good mix of random and normal caves and caves.

I prefer the caves Nr. 3, 6 and 12. Take a look at cave Nr. 4. Ron coded a damn maze through which you are hunted by a butterfly.

My greetings go to Ron, you once again made a damn good Boulder Dash game and it's a great honor for me to review your work. Please don't stop it in the future!




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