Emerald Dash I




 Thomas Mauritz


easy to hard






Emerald Dash I is a very bizare Boulder Dash-version. The
author was Thomas Mauritz.

When I played the first 3 caves I didn't like Emerald Dash I.
The game-speed is to slow, and the game starts with a
to hard cave. But after playing further levels I discovered, that
Thomas made some experiments with different game-speeds.
For example cave 9 is very fast, but very interesting.

I like Emerald Dash I. It's a fresh new way to create Boulder
Dash-games, even with the original charset.

Take a look at cave Nr. 8. I call it the "black cave", and it's
hard to find a way through the black growing walls.

Thomas used the editor 2.3 from No One to create this game.




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