Interview with Lord Diego

1. in which year did you play boulder dash for the first
time?? what was your age in this year?

I played Boulder Dash the first time in 1987. It was No One's
"Final Boulder 1" with 30 games on one disc. I was 25 years

2. why are you fascinated from boulder dash??

It was love at first sight, when I played Boulder Dash the first
time. Comparing Boulder Dash to all these Shooting-up
or Beating-up games it was something very different. It makes
very much fun to run around, collecting and thinking about
getting through the levels. My wife and me were very fascinated
about this new concept. We spent every free minute with the
C64 and Rockford. I guess the longest session we once
played Boulder Dash was about 20 (!) hours.

3. Lord Diego, you are one of the Boulder Dash "Legends", and
you created very many Boulder Dash-games. What was the moti-
vation for you to create so many games?

I guess a Boulder Dash-legend, the godfather of Boulder Dash was
No One and Peter Liepa. Sometimes I had the feeling that these two
guys were the same person. I was motivated to be in everyone's
"mouth", when everbody told about a new game from me. And the
work with the Boulder Dash-club POSOCOPI, of course. And it
was really fun for me to create new games for Boulder Dash freaks.

4. which boulder dash-game or clone do you prefer??

There was no game I prefered to play. I loved them all and played them
all many many times.

5. What else can you tell us from your famous time or from other
Boulder Dash-legends you used to know or you still know today?

Well, with Boulder Dash I learned to program. I worked often with
the construction kit and hated all this crash's after creating 2 or 3
caves. I studied the program and after 2 weeks I finally discovered
the bug. I also was the creator of new walls growing up and down.
I recreated the construction kit and called it the "Effect Kit". With this
program I was able to create various effects, for example when a
stone falls down it converts into butter- or fireflies. Or when a diamond
fell down it counted no more. The effect I liked most was when I
caged an amoebia then it converted into fireflies. Hehe, it was great
to run away when 200 flies are trying to catch you. To No One: I've
never saw him. In the 80'ies we all had much trouble with the police,
governments and software-houses. And No One had to be very care-
ful, coz he was a programer in a software-house, I guess. He once met
the leader of our Boulder Dash-club POSOCOPI,and he didn't tell
him his real name. To Prof. Knibble: I knew him personally and learned
many things from him. He was our "club-programer". He created the
Golden Games-editions and also many game-editors. He created many
charsets, too. I guess, most of our charsets were made by him.
To P.E.T.E.: I know him, too. I called him "killer-pete", coz his games
were build in a way that you could already see the "game over"-sign
on your face when you entered a cave.

6. Do you still have contact to other Boulder Dash-freaks?

No, unfortunately I don't. The last contact was 5 or 6 years ago with
Prof. Knibble.

7. which other c64-games do you like most??

The Bard's Tale I - III, Maniac Mansion, Zak Mc Kraken,
Giana Sisters (I have a construction kit-version and some games
made by Prof. Knibble)

8. what were the most fascinating things or programs
for you to play or work on the c64??

Most likely the games, of course. But also programing was very
easy with the C64.

9. do you still work with the c64?

No I don't. I use the C64 only to play Boulder Dash. That's the
only reason why I still have a C64 and a C128.

10. which actual games do you prefer (2001)??

Silent Hill, all releases from Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy,
also EA-sportsimulations. NBA, NHL, Football and all PSX.