Schaik Dash XIII




 Ron van Schaik


medium - hard






One after Ron van Schaiks last release I'm proud to present you another review from Ron's latest Boulder Dash-game called Schaik Dash XIII.

Experienced Boulder Dash-gamers will love Ron's new game. It's a good mixture of well-build and random caves.

The game starts with a maze and Fireflies within, where you should know exactly how Fireflies move if you want to survive this first cave. In most of the caves every step has to be planned carefully, because every wrong movement can cost you a life.

Cave Nr. 7 is a typical Ron van Schaik-Cave. You have to run away immediately after the start, otherwise you get killed by Fireflies chasing you.

All in all it's a very good game, I had much fun with testing and playing it, and I hope, that Ron will release further Boulder Dash-games. Thank you very much, Ron, for this very nice game!

My favourite caves are Nr. 2,6, 11 + 13.






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