Crazy Dream VIII




 Marek Roth


 own rules






Marek Roth is finally back with a new Boulder Dash game after 8 years of not releasing a new game!

I'm proud to review his new game here, but, what can I tell you here. Marek made a special Boulder Dash game with own rules. Still, there are many original Boulder Dash-rules included in this game, but there are also many new features here.

Marek made this game with his new "crazy light engine".

If you like to see Boulder Dash with new rules you have to download this game. If you just like the original Boulder Dash you won't love this game.

I like Marek's work. I still didn't got all of the rules, but to see some new features is something very special.

My favourite caves are: Back in 2002, exit issue and hawk eat.




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