Boulder Dash Pro 1995




 Terry (Bert Bogger)


 medium to hard






This is a huge release from a Boulder Dash freak called Bert. This game contains 45 levels, 45!

Bert used the original charset, but in some cave crazy background-colors. Even in the first Cave he used an orange background. The game doesn't start easy, and most of the caves need some training to complete them.

In this game-release you can chose a Intermission to start the game, so you have 1 life more.... ;-)

In Cave Nr. 22 Bert used a nice concept with 2 Fireflies just when you start it. You know this effect when 2 Fireflies are circling each other and are moving to the left. I remember this effect, but in other Caves and games it's appearing "randomly".

First I thought that the Caves Nr. 41 + 42 are not solvalble......but after some tries....well...take a look at it....

All in all it's a good game, and Bert knows Boulder Dash very well. His caves are very professional.

Thanks to Bert for this great release and thanks to Marek for fixing this game.

I like the caves Nr. 2, 9, 16, 27, 32 + 39.




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