Schaik Dash IX




 Ron van Schaik


 medium to hard






Schaik Dash IX is a new release from our well-known friend from the Netherlands, Ron van Schaik.

For his new game Ron choosed once again the original-charset. The game starts with an interesting cave with a good job to do with some magic-walls. Cave Nr. 2 is unfortunately hard to get through, a bit to hard for a 2nd cave. Cave Nr. 12 is a very good maze, but hard to complete, too. Schaik Dash IX is a very good game, but once again just a game for experienced players. Beginners will be frustrated trying Ron's 9th release.

I like the caves Nr. 3, 6, 11 + 16.

With this release Ron included also 3 special versions, a remix of his games Nr. 1 to 9. He also used another charset with modified amoebia, butter- and fireflies. The versions are called Schaikmix a, b + c.




 last christmas





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