Michael R.


 medium to hard






This is the 2nd release from Michael R. from Germany.

Also his 2nd result, MJR Dash II has been released with the original-charsets and ingame-sounds. I didn't expected something else.

MJR Dash II is a very good game. Michael knows how to create good caves. Sure, they are not easy to complete, but they are never unfair. After some training you'are able to complete them all. I guess that there's an increasing in difficulty througout the game.

In cave Nr. 12 you can make a lot bonuslifes...if you know how, lol.

I prefer the caves Nr. 4,7, 12, 16 + 18.

I hope that Michael will release more Boulder Dash games in the future. Thanks Michael, for this great game!




 New years-day





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