Schaik Dash VIII




Ron van Schaik


 medium to hard






This is once again a good release from Ron van Schaik. The release date was on 20.4.2002.

Ron used an "older" version of the deluxe packer, coz the walking noise is still the modified one we all had to use before Marek Roth released his latest deluxe packer with the "bugfix". Many of the caves bear once again dark-grey background- colors.

Well, Schaik Dash VIII is chiefly a hard game. Already the first caves are beginning in hard difficulty, and for almost every cave you need some experience to complete. Some of the caves are even frustrating to complete. So this isn't a good game for Boulder Dash-Rookies....

In some caves you just have to run away or move away, otherwise you'll be killed by an attacking fire- or butterfly (for example in cave Nr. 11).

I'm looking forward to Ron's next release and I don't know if his next game will be even harder...?

I like the caves Nr. 3, 7, 17 + 18.




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