Knibble Dash VIII




 Prof. Knibble


 medium to hard






This is the 8th release from Prof. Knibble from Germany. The year of the release is unknown. He used the original-charset in this game.

Prof. Knibbles caves are ful of good ideas, but sometimes very hard to complete. Just cave Nr. 1 starts in hard difficulty, and most of the caves need much experience to make them.

Cave Nr. 11 is exceptional easy and crazy, you have many Rockfords starting from the right side. You have to collect 99 diamonds....take a look at it. Cave Nr. 19 seems to have a bug, there are no left and right borders..but I guess Prof. Knibble wanted this like that.

I like the caves Nr. 3, 9 + 12.




 careless whispers


 George Michael



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