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H.M. Murdock (Tropyx)


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This is a Boulder Dash-collection released by Tropyx and contains many well-known Boulder Dash-games.

There is also a new release included in this collection, game Nr. 19 called "Boulder Dash 2000". The caves were designed by H.M. Murdock from Tropyx, too. The levels are very well done, and there's a good mix with random and other caves. There are 3 charset-modifications with the butter- and the fireflies and the boulders (I like the Boulder-graphic).

As H.M. Murdock told me, it's a collection of 2 of his own Boulder Dash-games. One is Boulder Dash 2000 and the other one is Boulder Dash XII which he made without construction kit.

You'll have much pleasure with this fine game, and it will take you much time until you completed all of the 45 caves.




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