Boulder Dash - The lost Levels




 Marc de Haar


 medium to hard






This is the first result from a Boulder Dash-freak from the Netherlands called Marc de Haar.

His first game comes to us with a nice intro (have to think about it if I use such an intro as well) and with the original charset. Marc created 5 levels more than the usual ammount of levels. You have the possibility to start in cave Nr. 1,6,11,16 + 21.

The caves are not easy to complete, but with enough of experience you'll complete every cave. Sometimes you have to collect the diamonds very fast, coz the time runs very short. For example level 1. the game-speed is very fast, and you'll rather run out of time than get killed by a falling boulder.

Well, Marc has created a very good game. Experienced Boulder Dash-freaks will be well advised to download this game, coz it will give you many nostalgic-hours to complete this game.

I like the caves Nr. 1,12, 14 + 18.




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