MJR Dash I




Michael R.


 medium to hard






This is a new release from a Boulder Dash freak from Germany called Michael R.

I'm proud to review his first result now. Since Michael only likes the original-charset and original-sounds his first game comes to us in an original version of course.

Of course it's a very well done game. MJR Dash I appears to begin with an easy cave, but suddenly there's a diamond missing and the way to the the last diamonds is blocked. I had to try the first cave 2 times before I completed it.

The caves are sometimes hard to complete, but never unfair. You often need some training to complete them, for example in cave Nr. 6. I prefer the caves Nr. 4,6 + 17.

B.t.w. Michael R. is the person who wrote Marek Roth because he didn't like the walking-sound in the Deluxe Packer 1.3. Marek Roth released after that the Deluxe Packer 1.31, and the "wrong" walking-sound has now been fixed. It's nice to know that the Boulder Dash-story still goes on with such nice little stories!

I wish to thank Michael R. for this fine game. He's the third person now who still releases new Boulder Dash-stuff.




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