Crazy Dream II




 Marek Roth


 own rules!






Well, what can I write about this Boulder Dash-clone? What a
crazy work, done by Marek Roth from Germany!!

I was very surprised when I played Crazy Dream II. Marek
created a completely new Boulder Dash-feeling, with many
many new rules confusing an experienced Boulder Dash-gamer.

There are many new features like:
- dirt eating monsters
- following boulders
- bubbles moving up the screen
- random exploding effects
- watches giving extra-time when collected
- symbols changing the move direction of the enemies

I didn't work out all of the new rules, but I guess that Crazy
Dream II is worth spending the time.

I like cave Nr. 6. There you have to find a key to release the
"trapped" diamonds. After collecting the key the border begins
to "explode" and you have to hurry to collect all the diamonds
you need. What a nice effect!

Crazy Dream II is very well done. You'll like this very special

Thank you very much, Marek, for this nice work.




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