Schaik Dash IV




 Ron van Schaik


 medium to hard






Schaik Dash IV is a new game made by the famous Boulder
Dash-freak Ron van Schaik from the Netherlands.

This is a fresh new game with some hard caves to complete.
The game begins with a good cave in medium difficulty. Some
of the caves are bearing crazy background colors. In many
caves you have to get away from the entry position right after
the starting, otherwise you get killed by a butter- or a firefly.

Schaik Dash IV was released in 4 different charset-versions.
Ron used the original-charset, the Ghost-, Rockula- and the
Atlantis-charset (I like the Atlantis-charset very much!)

There are many caves i like, but Nr. 6,7,9 + 12 are my prefered

Schaik Dash IV is a fresh new Boulder Dash-game and belongs
into every good Boulder Dash-collection.

My thanks are going to Ron!




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