Boulder Dash XIV




 The Blockheads


easy to medium


 original (1 modification)




This is another part from the cave-collection-releases from the
Blockheads. They called this game Boulder Dash XIV.

The creators of this caves are unknown. The Blockheads used
the original-charset with one modification, the fireflies are
bearing the well-known pac-man-graphic.

Well, Boulder Dash XIV is a good and solid game, I like it very
much. The levels are often made with a fine concept. Only cave
Nr. 8 was created in crazy red colors. Cave Nr. 13 is possibly
a joke, coz it's to easy to complete. It would be a good starter-
cave. The difficulty of all levels is not very hard.

The Caves Nr. 2, 8, 12 + 17 are the caves I prefer.




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