Diego Dash XV




Lord Diego








Lord Diego continued his collection with this fine Boulder
Dash-game called Diego Dash XV. It was hard to get this
version and to make this review possible (Thanks, Ron!).

I don't know which program was used to put the game to-
gether. With Diego Dash XV you have the possibility to start
in an intermission.

Once again there's no increasing in difficulty, Lord Diego just
has put the caves together after creating them. But the caves
are once again very nice. And Lord diego once again liked
to play with different game-speeds. For example cave Nr. 12
is very strange, coz the game-speed is very slow. But
Rockford is able to run faster than the firefly! Take a look at
this very special cave.

The caves I like most are Nr. 2, 9, 12, 16 + 19.




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