No One Boulder II




 No One








This is the 2nd game from the famous Boulder Dash-legend
No One. No One Boulder II was composed in 1986 by use of
the original game.

No One used the original Charset. The game is very easy,
and a good training-game for new Boulder Dash-gamers.
There's an increasing in difficulty, but experienced gamers
will complete this game with only one try. No One gives many
many points; this is leading to many bonus-lifes.

Unfortunately there's a bug in cave G when the amoebia con-
verts into boulders; the game seems to be delayed. There's
another bug with the intermissions, too.

Anyway, I like the way No One coded this Boulder Dash-game.
He was one of the most famous Boulder Dash-game creators.
We all owe him very much.

I like the caves F, I and O.




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