Diego Dash XIV




 Lord Diego


 medium to hard


 Lord Diego




Diego Dash XIV begins with a warning that there are "special

Well, the warning is right, Diego Dash XIV has some very new
special effects. Lord Diego used once again the effect that a
killed firefly converts to 9 boulders. Falling Diamonds convert
to boulders. This is a new effect and gives a total new game-
feeling. Furthermore Lord Diego included growing solid walls
(I guess he changed the graphic).

Diego Dash XIV is a damn good game. The new rules are
very nice and it takes some time to change to this new game-

Most of the caves are in medium difficulty, and some are ran-
dom-made. I prefer the caves Nr. 4, 8 + 12.

Diego Dash XIV is a very good game. You should complete
your Boulder Dash-collection with this fine game.

Thank you very much for this nice ideas, Lord Diego. I was very
surprised when I reviewed this game!




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