Knibble Dash IV




Prof. Knibble


 easy to hard


 original (2 modifications)




This is release Nr. 4 from Prof. Knibble, called Knibble Dash IV.
In this game Prof. Knibble used the original charset with 2 modi-
fications. The amoebia bears a very nice graphic. The butter-
flies are looking like small "beholders" and are possibly ripped
from Druid 2.

Knibble Dash IV starts with two hard caves. But many of the
caves are in medium difficulty and after some training it's easy
to complete them. Unfortunately there are no random caves in
this nice game. In almost every cave you have to kill some
fire- or butterflies to go on.

I prefer the caves Nr. 3, 13 + 16. Maybe in cave Nr. 14 there's a
bug?? After entering the cave you have to run away from a
firefly and you get trapped by a growing wall. It's a bug?? Any-
way, Knibble Dash IV is a nice game. Thanks, Prof. Knibble!




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