Pac Man Boulder Dash






 easy to medium


 Pac Man




What a charset, what a game!!!

Pac Man Boulder Dash has one of the finest charset-graphic
I ever saw in a Boulder Dash-clone. I highly recommend you
complete your Boulder Dash-collection with this game.

This game was made by CFF on 21.11.1988 by help of the
No One-packer 5.1. Most of the levels are maze-like, but it's
typically Pac Man. It's not a very hard game, most of the levels
are in easy or medium difficulty.

I prefer the caves Nr. 1,2 + 19, but also most of the other
caves are very nice.

What are you waiting for?? Download this game and you'll
enjoy the Pac Man-feeling as I did when I reviewed this game!




 Summer of 69


 Brian Adams



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