Schaik Dash II




 Ron van Schaik


 easy to hard






This is an absolutely new release from Ron van Schaik from
the Netherlands. It's the 2nd Boulder Dash game from him.

Ron used the Deluxe Packer from Marek Roth (like I do) and
the original charset.

The game starts with moderate difficulty. Cave Nr. 3 is very
wicked; you need to have perfect control with your joystick,
otherwise you're lost. I prefer cave Nr. 3, 8 and 17. Cave
Nr. 8 is a nice random-cave at medium difficulty.

Schaik Dash II includes all good elements. It's a very good
Boulder Dash-game, it's worth downloading. And of course,
it's a totally new game!

My best wishes go with Ron. It's good to know other
freaks like Ron are spending their time to create Boulder
Dash-games. Boulder Dash rulez!!




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