Diego Dash XI




 Lord Diego


 medium to hard


 Lord Diego




Diego Dash XI is another typical Boulder Dash clone made
by the famous Boulder Dash-composer Lord Diego.

He used once again his own charset, the Lord Diego-charset
with own butter- and firefly-graphic.

Diego Dash XI is a hard game. Most of the caves are hard
to complete. But it's a very good game, and Boulder Dash-
profis will like this game.

A speciality of this Boulder Dash-clone is that when a fire-
fly is killed (by a falling boulder for example) it converts into
9 boulders, and not as expected in 9 empty space-fields.
This is a very interesting thing, making Diego Dash XI very

I like the caves Nr. 7 and 11. Cave Nr. 11 is a very dark and
dangerous thing, brrrr.






 Chris Issac



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