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Once I thought that after Don Pedro's Boulder Dash XI there
are no further clones bearing the name Boulder Dash. At all
c64-websites I only found Boulder Dash-versions up to
Nr. 11.

But there is a Boulder Dash XII! Unfortunately this version
has never been spread to every part of the world.

The Blockheads created Boulder Dash XII. They collected
some caves made by freaks in austria and germany and
compacted them together with No One's editor V2.2. Voilà,
and that was the birth of Boulder Dash XII.

They used the original-charset with one modification. They
converted the fireflies into a thooth-like monster.

Boulder Dash XII has some interesting levels. For example
cave Nr. 6 is a classic "runnaway"-level. I like cave Nr. 11, it's
very similar to one I did in 1999. Unfortunately the caves
Nr. 11 - 19 are sometimes to easy.






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