Schaik Dash I




Ron van Shaik


 medium to hard






This Boulder Dash-game is absolutely new.

It's a cool game, made by Ron van Schaik from the
Netherlands. Ron used the Deluxe-Maker 1.3 from
Marek. He also used the original charset.

It's a game for experienced Boulder Dash-gamers
only, coz the caves are rather hard or medium to com-
plete. But in Ron's levels has every boulder, every
fire- and butterfly it's own place.

The only thing I miss in his game is the random effect.
Anyway, it's a damn good Boulder Dash-game, and Ron
promised to create more of them.

I like cave nr. 11 + 14. They are very nice made.

Thanks to you Ron, it's a very nice way you're
coding Boulder Dash-levels.




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