Emerald Dash II




The Blockheads


 medium to hard






This clone from the Blockheads starts in very crazy colors.

It's a very well done version, with a nice own charset, I call
it the "emerald"-charset. Rockford, the diamonds and the
dirt haven't been changed, but anyway the charset is very
confusing. But also very interesting. In Emerald Dash II
there's no increasing of the difficulty. I was very surprised
to see, that the last caves (18 + 19) are very easy to

I miss the "random" caves in this clone. Every wall, every
stone has it's place. there's nothing chaotic in this game.

Emerald Dash II is a very interesting version, but only for
advanced Boulder Dash-freaks.

Below is a screenshot of the nice "emerald"-charset.




 White wedding


 Billy Idol



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