Diego Dash VII




 Lord Diego


 easy to medium


 Lord Diego




Diego Dash VII is one of the best Boulder Dash-games by
Lord Diego.

Once again there's no increasing of difficulty throughout the
20 levels, but finally Diego Dash VII starts with an easy
cave. For example cave 17 is very very easy. In Diego
Dash VII are no hard levels, some are easy, but the most
ones were made in medium difficulty. And in most of the
caves you have to collect 99 diamonds.

I prefer the caves nr. 2, 13 and 14. Especially cave nr. 14
is very cool. Cave nr. 9 is a commercial to Lord Diego him-
self. Take a look at it. This cave appears to be easy, but
it isn't.....

Diego Dash VII is worth downloading. Take a look at it.
Great work, Lord Diego, and thanks very much!!






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