Diego Dash V




 Lord Diego


 medium to hard


 Lord Diego




Diego Dash V is the 5th release of Lord Diego.

Lord Diego used once again one of the No One's Editor's,
and completed a very good Boulder Dash-game with to-
tally 20 levels to complete. He used his own charset.

The difficulty of Diego Dash V is medium to hard. Cave 1
begins in medium difficulty, and most of the caves are at
medium-level. Cave 8 is a good practice-level for beginners.
I prefer Cave 3 and 7, especially Cave 7 is damn cool. Lord
Diego is a very good Level-composer. Also Diego Dash V
has many various "quests" to complete.

Take a look at Cave 11. It's a very "crazy" one, easy to com-
plete, but in a very unusually way.




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