Diego Dash IV




 Lord Diego


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 Lord Diego




Once again a Boulder Dash-clone from the famous german
editor Lord Diego.

Diego Dash IV is a very good version. Finally there are new
colors in every level, so the bug isn't active anymore. Once
again Lord Diego used his own charset.

Still, there's no increasing in difficulty, coz Diego Dash IV
starts with a medium cave. But there are also easy caves
like Nr. 2 or 8 for example. Cave 6 is very strange. Take a
look at it. This cave doesn't work proper, coz there are
4 ways to collect 11 diamonds, but sometimes there are
22 diamonds collected. Also the cave-enter-sequence
is not animated.

Anyway, Diego Dash IV is a very good game, a "must-have".
Thanks Lord Diego, I like the colors very much.




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