Golden Edition II




 Prof. Knibble


 easy to hard






Golden Edition II is the 2nd compilation made by Prof.

This edition includes another 10 games made by himself.
Once again you can choose from 10 different charsets. The
original-charset is also included.

Before entering the main-screen you can choose from 3
difficulties. The only difference between the difficulties is
that in the "hard"-mode you can only start in some caves.
In the "easy"-mode you can start in every cave.

Golden Edition II is very interesting. The 10 different games
and charsets will entertain for many hours. Download the
zip-file and you'll see what I mean.

Prof. Knibble is a well-known Boulder Dash-freak from
Germany. He made a lot different freak-versions in the
late eighties, I guess. I don't know if he's still active some-




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