Golden Edition I




Prof. Knibble


 easy to hard






Golden Edition I is a Boulder Dash-compilation, made by
Prof. Knibble from Germany.

It's a professional and very interesting version. In the menu-
screen you have the possibility to choose between the
Boulder Dash-versions "Knibble Dash I" up to "Knibble
Dash 10". All these Boulder Dash-versions were made by
Prof. Knibble himself. After choosing the game you can
choose the charset. There are many interesting charsets
to test. I prefer the "Obelix"-charset, coz it's very nice to mo-
ve Obelix through the caves. The original-charset is also in-

The difficulty chan be changed before entering the title-

Golden Edition I is a must-have Boulder Dash-version,
made by a well-known Boulder-Dash-freak. Thanks very
much, Prof. Knibble!




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